Monday, January 18, 2010

Prada aw/10-11, Milan Fashion Week.

Prada has done a total turn! From Dark, edgy Badass to
a more colorful, nicer and softer style..
The must have from their collection is the too short knitwears!


  1. I like the color palette which Prada has but I found the collection otherwise as such bore. Where was the innovative Prada which I love.
    What comes to Neil Barret I am stoked because I just happen to have a pair of pants with a half pant leather - almost the same as above.

    Otherwise- Good content!

  2. I also like the older collections much much more.. This is not really in my style.. But you can find some really nice details, ex. the doubble collar on their jackets! that´s a detail I really dig. and offcourse the style of the short knit on shirt :)