Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My tattoos..

Photographer: Mikko Rasila
Styling: Me
Model: Me


  1. I like your tattoos! Especially those on your side. Are they in colour or only black? I love when tattoos are done in "shadowing" -style, it's definately the best style!

  2. on my side they are in color and on my arm they are in black/grey :)
    And thanks! :)

  3. Np :) I have a small heart on my left foot toe(in the "ring-finger/-toe" :) and 3 lady bugs climbing up my right ankle. So I think that my feet are done! Next place could be between my hand and elbow, maybe left. That's the best place I can imagine after ankle/feet area (for a girl). But there are too many images to choose from :) But I'll figure it out when it's time comes, just like these tattoos.