Friday, August 27, 2010

New Ink!! :)

During my 3 weeks of holiday I also got
some more ink in my body :)
Done in Helsinki by the the artist that have made
all my tattoos except one, my first one that I got in
Copenhagen while I was living there..
Picture as soon it´s healed!


  1. Tatuoinnit on nyt muotia! Aiotko ottaa ne laaserilla pois kun ne eivät enää ole muotia?

  2. Tattoos are art to me!! All my tattoos are drawed or designed by me!
    All my tattoos have a special meaning and stands for something! And all the tattoos I got I´ve been thinking over for a long long time. It´s not something I just had done for fun.
    I love all my tattoos and will never take them away because they have a meaning to me and are a part of me.
    People who would do an tattoo because it seems to be IN at the moment are stupid fashion victims, haha :D