Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Look.. New Pants..

Jacket: Acne
Knit: Hope
Long Shirt: Vintage
Pants: Acne

Love these pants from Acne in a "fake leather" material.
But now in the beginning way too tight, haha ;)


  1. Ok, where to get one??
    Im starving for a skinny leather pants!

  2. I dont know where they are selling Acne in Spain...?..
    But otherwise you can try H&M, I know they had at 1point great skinny leather pants for women..

    With this link you will get to Acne webshop and the women version of the same pants :) Good Luck!

  3. would you recommend a size smaller or bigger than what i normally have?

    i usually have 29", but they only have 28" and 30" in stock... :/

  4. Yeah, tried at Acne online...but no size/model I am into
    I will keep my hunt going on
    Maybe leather leggings (like Balmains) would be more comfy
    Rock your day Simon, thanx for the info ;)

  5. Okay... ;)

    I wouls recommend rather bigger then smaller, they are not so "stretchy" and atleast in the men model I need 1 size bigger then what I have in other Acne models.. but not sure its the same with the girl model..
    But I would go for bigger for sure! :)


  6. hey simon may i know where you bought your acne fake leather jeans from? is it from 2010 aw season or the current 2011 season? which outlet and country was that from? i would like to call the shop up and check if they still have stock for me! haha thanks in advance! you're hot btw!

  7. They are from the AW 2010 collection.
    I bought them in Paris.. and now I dont really know where you can get them?!...
    I think it´s best if you send an email to Acnes office in Sweden and ask them! :) Because they can check around all the shops and maybe find a pair for you...



    Try with these 2...

    And thank you for the compliment ;)